Business & Home Alarm Monitoring

Integrated Security Services is a specialist service provider in the field of Alarm Monitoring in NZ and Personal Telephone Answering.Utilising the best available technology and software specifically developed for our requirements we are able to meet the demands of the market place. Stringent operating systems and protocols in conjunction with the latest software and technology enable ISS to deliver services that are tailored directly to the requirements of our clients. Alarm Monitoring ISS-min-2


As far as home alarm systems nz go, Kiwi residents can enjoy the benefit of viewing our packages within the comfort of their own homes or businesses. We offer a free on-site assessment of your residential or commercial security needs.

Whether you opt for sensors or a panic button or both, we will explain all these components to you. After all, the ultimate aim is to give you peace of mind. With us, you can rest assured that help will be immediately at hand in the event of a crime or medical emergency.

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