Seven Questions To Ask Companies Before Installing Security Alarms

Security Alarms / Sep 18, 2019

Whether you live alone, with friends, or with your family, safety is one of the top priorities for Kiwi homeowners. Security alarms are one way to protect your property and loved ones from criminal elements. However, not every alarm product or system on the market has exactly what you need. A conversation with the security company you’re considering can save you lots of money and disappointment. All you have to do is ask relevant questions.

#1: Do You Have All The Necessary Licencing & Documentation To Operate?

Make sure that the security company complies with all the legal requirements. This protects you and your property in the event of a dispute.

#2: How Much Will My Monthly Fee Be & What Does It Cover?

It’s important to budget adequately for any security measures you wish to add. Explore different package offerings and go for the one that speaks best to your unique needs.

#3: What’s The Plan Of Action If My Alarm Goes Off?

Get familiar with the standard operating procedure before you make any decisions. Ask the company for a trial run, where they walk you through a typical alarm call so that you can see if they deliver on what they promise.

#4: How Will I Be Informed About Suspicious Activity On My Property When I’m Away?

Different companies use different modes of contact in emergencies. From phone calls to in-app notifications, check that they have a method that will make it easy for them to contact you if your alarm goes off – especially if you’re not on the property.

#5: What The Duration Of The Contract That I Have To Sign With You?

Ensure that you don’t go into a contract that’s shorter or longer than you would prefer. Read every single detail in the contract and make comparisons between companies until you find the one that you’re most comfortable with.

#6: Who Can I Contact For Queries & Complaints?

A direct point of contact is important where security is concerned. Ask for an emergency number and customer service line that you can call in case the alarm malfunctions or you experience any difficulty.

#7: How Long Do You Take To Respond To An Alarm On Average?

Response time is crucial when it comes to security alarms. The shorter, the better, so aim for something around a minute or less. It may be a matter of life or death.

We hope these questions help you find precisely what you need in an alarm system. Contact our experts to learn more.