Signs Your Home's Alarm System Needs An Upgrade

Alarm Systems / Jul 19, 2019

The benefits of upgrading a home’s alarm system is threefold: the security of your family and home is enhanced, improving home security can lead to lower household insurance premiums and a security system is also an attractive feature for potential buyers if you decide to sell your home at some stage. These are excellent reasons for ensuring your home is well-protected. However, is your existing alarm system adequate for your needs, or does it need an upgrade? Here’s how to tell.

Your alarm system is decades old

There have been great leaps in technological advancement in home security systems in recent times and products available now in the market are capable of so much more. Alarms can be activated or deactivated remotely through a smartphone and homeowners can also be notified from anywhere when the alarm has been tripped.

Home improvements have been made

Home renovations can affect the integrity of existing alarm systems. Adding on a window, for example, will mean there is one more entry point to secure. Change the location of other entry points such as patio doors and they will also need to be secured. Be sure to factor in any renovations or extensions made to your home when assessing your home’s security needs. If that second garage you’ve added to your property has an entry door, you might need to consider installing motion detectors and alarm sensors too.

Your home’s security system is hardwired

Hardwired systems are outdated and can be inadequate in offering complete peace of mind. Wiring remains vulnerable to intruders who can easily disable the alarm system by cutting them

You don’t have remote alarm monitoring

Offsite monitoring adds another layer of security to your home. This system links your home’s alarm system to a monitoring centre. An intrusion will set off the alarm system, which will then send a signal that alerts a team based at a central hub that a security threat has occurred.

Being proactive when it comes to the safety and security of your home and loved ones is paramount. If you are not confident about the integrity of your home’s current alarm and you want to ensure that you have technology more aligned to today’s needs, then the home security experts at Integrated Security Services will be more than happy to assess your existing security system and make suitable recommendations that cover all your needs.