What Is Alarm Monitoring And Is It Necessary?

Security System / Jan 25, 2019

When you hear the word ‘monitoring’ do you imagine your home or your business as a casino with cameras watching everyone’s every move? This can be alarming for some, which is why so many people are wary of having alarm monitoring in their home. It’s natural to be concerned over who’s watching you as you care about your privacy. Here you’ll see what alarm monitoring is in New Zealand and what exactly it means for you.

  • What Is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is when an alarm company uses your alarm system to detect problems in your home, sending out a response when they deem necessary.

A security company will install an alarm system in your home, and this alarm system will be able to detect changes in your home through motion sensors, smoke detection devices and other kinds of sophisticated equipment. The systems will be linked to your alarm system and situated in different parts of your home. For example, motion detectors in your yard or at your door or window will alert the security company (as well as you) of an intrusion; and smoke detectors will alert you both should there be a fire. These monitoring systems can communicate any emergency quickly and effectively to your security company without you having to lift a finger – and they can dispatch the necessary response, whether you need firefighters, an ambulance or just an armed response.

  • Is It Necessary?

An alarm system and alarm monitoring system are separate entities that both work better when used together but can be used separately. In one case, you might have a panic button or motion detection beams triggering a response without having an alarm system in place that needs to be activated. On the other hand, you may have an alarm system that won’t notify a security company but will sound an alarm that can alert you of a potential intrusion into your home.

While alarm monitoring isn’t necessary when you install an alarm system, it’s always beneficial to have it. There might be times when something happens, and you’re not at home, or when you’re unable to request help personally. When this happens, you’ll be glad you opted for it. To have an alarm system and alarm monitoring service put in place in your New Zealand home, contact Integrated Security Services.