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Access control is the practice of restricting entrance to a property, building or room to authorised persons. Electronic access control can be achieved by a combination of electronic locks, card or biometric access readers and software. Often an access control system is integrated with the security alarm system.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from access control systems just as much as larger businesses.

Save money by avoiding the need to re-key your entire building/office every time an employee or tenant leaves.

Improve your bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance.

Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high risk areas.

The visible aspects of an access control system are typically access cards, card readers and electronic locks. Various types of access card readers are available – proximity systems, swipe cards, retina scans and finger scans. Readers are off the shelf and compatible with most access control systems.

However the real power and strength of an access control system is the software that manages the system. The flexibility offered by most access control systems means that your building can be completely automated, including lift control, lighting, energy management, air conditioning and more.

Most modern access control systems also offer time and attendance options, building management functions and more. Access control brands that offer these features include DSC™, Genesis™, Tecom™, and Inner Range™.


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ISS Ltd support the following brands of access control systems:

In choosing the solution for you, Integrated Security Services will consider your growth requirements, the need to be modular and flexible, integration with your home alarm systems and CCTV Installation systems, the risk being protected and your operational requirements.


Our staff will provide you with a free no obligation site survey to determine the best access control system for your business. Using the best access control technology available, our staff will recommend a cost efficient solution to you.

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