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Secure Your Business with Commercial CCTV

Enhance your commercial property's security with Integrated Security Services’ state-of-the-art CCTV systems. Keep an eye on every movement, monitor after-hours activity and safeguard your valuable assets day and night with purpose-made solutions and expert installation. CCTV installation can comprehensively increase the security of your commercial premises.

24/7 Surveillance

With Commercial CCTV solutions from ISS, your business is under constant protection. From monitoring after-hours visitors to keeping a record of visiting associates, wireless CCTV cameras offer uninterrupted footage of your property's surroundings. Our goal is to help you protect sensitive data, private documents and expensive hardware with reliable and comprehensive security measures.

Experts in CCTV Installation

Leveraging over 25 years of expertise in the installation of commercial security measures and CCTV, our extensive experience helps you to protect your valuable assets and maintain a secure environment for your staff and clients around the clock. Keep an eye on every corner and deter unwanted visitors today. Request a site inspection and receive a CCTV installation plan to bolster your security.

CCTV refers to equipment that enables the transmission of video signals in a private network. In New Zealand, this type of technology is mostly used to monitor properties and prevent crime. From small-scale units to larger-scale CCTV systems, the use of surveillance security is growing in popularity. It can be used anywhere, from home settings to commercial areas such as schools, office buildings and event venues.

The technology behind CCTV security systems is constantly being improved and in today’s increasingly digital world, it’s important to include digital technology in your system, as it allows it to become more efficient and flexible while produced higher quality images – something that will come in handy when identifying a suspect. A full security camera systems is typically made up of four parts, namely:

  1. The camera, which is the “eye” of the operation.
  2. A transmission device, which moves the images from the camera to a recording or viewing device.
  3. Monitors, which can be used to view footage, both in real-time and after it’s been recorded.
  4. A recording system, which archives footage for later viewing.

You only have one set of eyes, right? Video footage is a popular component of 21st- century security systems for a good reason. Security camera systems allows you to have more than that one set of eyes, with state-of-the-art electronic equipment on the lookout for you and covering every corner of your property. This way, you don’t miss a thing – even if you blink! 

Trust the dedicated experts at ISS to help you plan and seamlessly execute a high-quality CCTV installation. Contact us on 09 443 1255 today.

Yes, with the introduction of smart security cameras you can get updates and alerts delivered directly to your mobile device for ease and remote monitoring. Speak with our expert staff and ask for advice about the best smart systems available.

Most smart security cameras these days use Wi-Fi, but there are ways around it if that isn’t to your liking. We can explain exactly how each system works.

Surveillance cameras are used strategically to catch targeted criminals committing a crime whereas security cameras act as a deterrent to prevent crime. They also allow you to observe the exterior of your property and can provide evidence.

Reach out to us today for advice about how to install CCTV at your residential or commercial property.

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As far as home alarm systems nz go, Kiwi residents can enjoy the benefit of viewing our packages within the comfort of their own homes or businesses. We offer a free on-site assessment of your residential or commercial security needs.

Whether you opt for sensors or a panic button or both, we will explain all these components to you. After all, the ultimate aim is to give you peace of mind. With us, you can rest assured that help will be immediately at hand in the event of a crime or medical emergency.

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