Business Security & Alarm Systems – A Luxury Or Necessity?

Alarm Systems / Jun 13, 2019

Some business owners – particularly those with a limited budget – may wonder whether a security or alarm systems are an absolute necessity or merely a luxury. To some, installing a security system may not seem like such an urgent need, especially when there are so many pressing financial demands on a business. However, delaying the installation of security equipment could leave your business vulnerable to several risks.

What Your Business Stands To Lose In The Event Of A Break-in

The obvious losses a business is likely to experience when a break-in occurs include the theft of computers, equipment, cash and other items of value found at the premises. Depending on your business, your stolen assets could also include specialised items that will be difficult or costly to replace.

While a break-in has a terrible impact on any business, those that are well-insured may recover most expenses related to stolen company assets. You might not be able to claim if you can’t prove you tried to protect your property. This means that criminals may:

–  Gain access to sensitive information: This includes private financial information about the business, passwords or access codes and personal information about business owners and staff. They could also gain access to confidential client records – which would have a detrimental effect as clients would lose trust in the business.

–  Gain access to business banking facilities: All it takes is an unlocked computer for a criminal to potentially access your business bank accounts or any other financial software. Many companies also keep business credit cards at the office – criminals could easily steal these before the break-in is even discovered.

– Cause data loss: Although most companies have data back-up systems and these are often situated on site. This means that the risk of data loss due to a break-in is immense. If information, records and crucial business data cannot be recovered, the impact may be so great that the business itself is unable to recover.

– Destroy assets, documents & material: Creative works, vital original documents, rare items and other irreplaceable and invaluable assets may be destroyed or stolen.   

By now it’s very apparent that your business needs a commercial alarm system, CCTV system or alarm monitoring service. For this and all your other business security system requirements, get in touch with Integrated Security Services. We can help craft a personalised solution to best meet your needs and budget.