Is business security and alarm system a necessity in 2023?

Alarm Systems / Aug 21, 2023

Installing business security measures, such as intercoms, CCTV, access control, monitoring and alarm systems, may not be front of mind if business owners are operating on a limited budget. However, although this may not be seen as urgent, you could be playing with fire. Delaying the installation of security equipment leaves your commercial property vulnerable to foul play. Last year, insurance claims for commercial crime increased by 26% with Auckland falling victim to a majority of those claims, as NZI revealed.


Outcomes of Commercial Crime

If you are wondering what your business stands to lose in the event of criminal activity, there are plenty of potential outcomes. Most commercial properties contain valuable goods in the form of products, electronic devices, equipment, cash and sensitive data that is invaluable to the business. Stolen assets could also include specialised items that will be difficult or costly to replace. The potential outcomes are many:


Data Loss Caused by Break-Ins

Although most companies have on-site data backup systems in place, there is still a substantial risk of data loss due to a break-in. If valuable information, records, and critical business data cannot be recovered, the impact may be so severe that it becomes impossible for the company itself to recover.


Destruction of Assets, Documents & Materials

Creative works, essential original documents, rare items and other irreplaceable and invaluable assets may be destroyed or stolen during a break-in scenario.


Unauthorised Access to Sensitive Information

This encompasses obtaining private financial details pertaining to the business, passwords or access codes, and personal information about the business owners and employees. They could also obtain confidential client records, thereby damaging trust in the business.


Unauthorised Access to Business Banking Facilities

A criminal could potentially gain access to your company’s bank accounts or other financial software if a computer is left unlocked. Additionally, numerous companies store their business credit cards at the office, making it easy for criminals to steal them before the break-in is even detected.


If you can’t prove you have attempted to best protect your property, you may not be able to claim insurance. Protect your commercial property with security solutions from Integrated Security Services. Contact us today to find out more.