How To Test And Maintain Your Home Alarm Systems In NZ

Home Alarm System / May 15, 2020

So, you have a home alarm system in your NZ home and have had it for some time now. It’s a wise investment, so you should be applauded for having such good judgement. But does your system still work, and work well? Regular checks that your system is functioning order will drastically reduce the chance of burglary or break-in. So, how do you ensure that it’s working as it should? Easy! Just follow these simple tips from Integrated Security Systems!  

Let The Testing Begin

Repeated testing of the system, sensors and batteries is essential. Once a year is OK, but once a month is ideal.   

Before testing your system, warn your family and neighbours that you’re going to set off the alarm as it might emit very loud noises. Close all the doors and windows with sensors on them, then ensure the system’s keypad display indicates that the system is ready to be activated. 

What To Test

First, test the easiest sensors which include doors and windows. Open one door or window at a time and verify that the correct zones do change to “violated” on the system’s keypad. Once these have been tested, start testing the motion detectors (if your system includes them, of course). Have one family member walk in front of the sensor while you check the keypad to verify if the appropriate zone indicates a violation. 

Next, check glass break sensors. You obviously don’t want to break windows or smash glass so it’s best to purchase a glass break tester. Once purchased, test the power and wiring in the same fashion that you’d test a motion detector and also check the sensitivity of this particular sensor. 

Once all of the above is active and working, it’s time to monitor the smoke detectors. Push the test button on each detector to confirm it makes a noise – be warned, that noise will be loud – and check and replace the batteries if needed. Once that’s done, check your alarm system batteries and be sure you have spare batteries at home.

Last but not least, you’ll want to test the phone connection as well the wireless sensors, replacing batteries wherever needed. 

If you’re not confident enough to test your home alarm system then call in the professionals. At Integrated Security Systems, we highly recommend you speak to us before testing your system. We offer affordable security solutions, professional service and expert advice, every time. Contact us today!