The Most Important Security Camera Features To Consider

Now that you’ve decided to join the security camera systems revolution, you need to choose the most effective one for your home. So, before you take the plunge, take some time to consider the camera features you’ll require. This will help you invest in a security system that is best for your budget, your home, and your family’s safety. 

#Consideration 1: Video Quality And Resolution

Video quality – high definition video to be exact – is very important when it comes to securing your property. The clearer and sharper the recorded images are, the better. In a perfectly secure world, you’ll go for a minimum of 1080p-resolution video quality, and your camera will be  HD compatible. 

#Consideration 2: Cloud Storage For Excess Footage

For effective recording, you’ll need security cameras with large storage capability or Cloud storage. There’s no point in recording an intruder’s movement if you’re not able to capture and store that footage for future viewings. Online storage which is accessible whenever and wherever you need it is optimal for your home security, so we recommend a system which stores footage for an unlimited amount of time.   

#Consideration 3: Night Vision

Most intruders come out at night, so an outdoor security camera system with night vision is vital. Changing security cameras from day to night mode can be a mission on some inferior systems, and it can sometimes be forgotten after a busy day. Our advice is to go for security cameras which possess built-in IRC cut-switch technology and switch from day to night modes automatically. That way, you’re able to watch over things 24/7.

#Consideration 4,5, 6, 7 and 8: 

When it comes to security camera systems, you also need to consider features that:

  • Allow the cameras to pan, tilt and zoom for coverage in larger areas 
  • Include mobile control and live streaming for security access when you’re not at home
  • Provide activity notifications through push notification, texts or emails, when criminal or unwanted activity is detected
  • Feature two-way audio which allows homeowners to speak to visitors or to warn off unwanted or unwelcome visitors
  • Allow homeowners to set up custom activity zones and to choose the most important areas to capture movements within.

At Integrated Security Systems, we are proud to offer the very best security camera systems. They boast top-of-the-line features while remaining affordable, and easy to use. So speak to our security experts before settling for just any old system. Contact us today!