Is It Time For An Alarm Upgrade?

Security Alarms / Oct 12, 2020

Security alarms are like every other piece of technology in your home and business. They have a shelf life. While they might be serviceable right now, there will come a time when the alarms become outdated or simply too old to function properly. When that occurs – and it will – then the security of your home or business premises becomes compromised.

As experts with years of experience in commercial, industrial and residential security we know only too well that security alarms need to be regularly upgraded. The system itself might not be too bad but it’s probably restricted by outdated technology. Old technology can limit the system’s capabilities, while alarms of a certain vintage present few if any, upgrade options.

A good way to explain this is to look at the computers you use at home, or in your office. As the years go by, they slow down, become obsolete, and repairing them is more difficult. Many people choose to upgrade and they do so on a regular basis. When it comes to alarm systems, it seems that there is a strange reluctance to upgrade with the same frequency, even though they perform a very important function.  

By sticking to outdated security technology, you make it easier for an intruder to enter your home or business uninvited. For example, let’s look at an old system that uses landline wires. There’s nothing to stop a burglar cutting the wires and disabling the entire system, which wouldn’t happen with a modern alarm that relies on cellular networks. While landlines might have some use as a back-up, total reliance on them is unwise in this day and age and certainly indicates that it’s time to consider updating your security system.

Would you wait 10-15 years to upgrade your smartphone? Thought not! So why wait that long, or even longer, to bring your alarm systems up to date? They are the things you depend on to protect your home, your business, your property, and your family. Surely you want the best protection you can get? And with the end of year holidays approaching, and the prospect of you leaving your home and business empty for a prolonged period, there’s no better time to upgrade, update and upskill your alarm systems. Give us a call and we’ll discuss state of the art security systems that will do a much better job than your current set up.