It’s The People Behind The Technology That Counts

Home Alarm System / Sep 22, 2020

Home alarm systems in NZ represent the latest in security technology  They’re also very wide-ranging in their componentry, as well as the situations they can manage. For example, a typical home security alarm system might consist of the main control unit, one or more code pads (which are also known as keypads) located at the front and back doors, as well as a combination of passive infrared detectors (sensors), hard-wired smoke detectors, sirens and a panic button. 

All of those things represent a lot of technology. They require just as much know-how and expertise in deciding upon the right components to achieve the most cost-efficient security and fire protection solutions. This knowledge isn’t something you gain overnight. It takes years of practical on-site experience to be able to deliver the most effective and comprehensive home protection, and this is why it’s the people behind the technology that really counts.

There are plenty of security companies out there, and they all provide alarm systems and associated products that have been designed to provide maximum protection. But when the people offering those products don’t reach the same high standards, that technology is rendered ineffectual. Poor installation and monitoring, and a lack of understanding of how technology should be best used, means that an investment in cutting-edge security alarms is often a waste of money. That’s not the case with us because we have the right people on our team.

We’ve been securing New Zealand for more than a quarter of a century. And most of our senior staff have been with us for over 10 years. In the modern job market, that is quite astonishing. That depth of experience is priceless because it allows us to offer vast knowledge to go along with our cutting edge-security products. 

This experience shows itself in many ways. Over time, our team members have learnt that every property is different, and a cookie-cutter approach to security won’t work. They understand the importance of identifying the vulnerable points in each site they inspect and knowing which product will strengthen the security of that particular location. Another example is the skill of our security alarm monitoring staff. They’re fully trained to deal with emergency situations – the technology might raise the alarm, but it’s the people we employ who will diffuse the situation.

In summary, anyone can sell you a security alarm. But not everyone has the expertise, proficiency and knowledge that we can offer you. So when it’s time to discuss home security alarms, contact us and talk to the people behind the technology.