Take A Neighbourly Approach To Home Security

Alarm Systems / Aug 18, 2020

Integrated Security Systems is a very appropriate name. The word “Integrated’ means various parts or aspects being linked or co-ordinated. As far as security goes, that perfectly matches our philosophy. We believe that a comprehensive security solution shouldn’t rely on one thing alone. For example, while alarm systems in NZ are common, they shouldn’t be all we rely on to protect our families and our homes. We can use other methods, and they don’t all have to be high-tech ones. 

Back in the “good old days”, our parents, our grandparents and our great-grandparents all knew their neighbours. Over the fence chats were common, and everyone in the street looked out for each other. For example, they’d feed a neighbour’s pet while they were away, and keep an eye on the place. That sort of thing certainly doesn’t happen as much today. We’re all so busy, or stuck inside on our computers or watching our smart TVs, that we seem to shut ourselves off from the people who live around us. That’s a shame because our neighbours can give us a very real sense of security. We guess that the high-tech security measures we provide do fill that gap when we don’t interact with our neighbours, but there’s still room for the human touch when it comes to protecting our homes. 

Groups like Neighbourhood Support (formerly Neighbourhood Watch) are trying to recreate that spirit of neighbours working together to increase safety and security for everyone who lives around them. Neighbourhood Support is a national and localised network that focuses on building and encouraging face-to-face connections rather than relying on online communications alone. The group’s Area Coordinators work with New Zealand Police to support households by sending out information to help keep the neighbourhood safe. The group also offers resources to Neighbourhood Support households such as street signs, window and letterbox stickers, and other educational and crime prevention tools.

Neighbourhood Support is a great initiative and we strongly urge you to find out more about it. But you don’t have to join a group to keep your street safe. Even the simple act of reaching out to your neighbours to say hello could be the start of re-establishing a strong and trusting relationship which includes looking out for each other, or keeping an eye on their home while they’re away. Even a small thing like clearing their letterbox is an effective security measure and an act that will just take a moment or two of your time.

It all comes back to that “integrated” word. While we believe our security alarms are pretty much a necessity in protecting your home these days, neighbourly contact is another aspect that you can easily arrange. So once you’ve  spoken to us about high-tech security solutions, head over to your neighbours to chat about more old-fashioned ones.