The 4 biggest benefits of intercom for your home or business

intercom / Dec 17, 2021

The intercom system is an indispensable security tool for businesses and residential homes. They guard unwanted guests from entering the building, allow guests to communicate with residents and add a first-level of security. When it comes to making residents and staff feel safe and comfortable, they are very important. As industry and technology continues to advance, it becomes more and more important to incorporate intercom into your multi-family community. Here are 5 key benefits of installing an intercom system in your building.

Enhanced security:

For residents, home should be your safe place. This is where you come back after a long day of work to put your feet up and relax. Keeping your community safe not only gives your family peace of mind, but can make your house more desirable to potential buyers. For businesses, the intercom system improves building security in several ways. First, it serves as a preliminary layer of security by forcing visitors (wanted or unwanted). In flats, it allows tenants to act as a checkpoint, ensuring they know exactly who they are giving access to the building.


As with most intercom systems, visitors calls go directly to residents. This allows residents to control and provide access to visitors no matter where they are. They can talk to a guest trying to enter the building, and in some cases, they can even see him via video calls on their phone. This is especially useful for older renters who usually find it difficult to get up to answer calls.

Increase property value:

Improving the safety of your property can also increase the overall value of your property. It is no secret that people want to live in a community where they and their families feel safe. Having an intercom system can increase this sense of security. By investing in tools and infrastructure that enhance this, it creates a competitive advantage and allows you to sell at a higher price than similar buildings.

Increase interest in property:

In many cases, the intercom is the first thing to greet visitors or guests after entering the lobby of the building. Investing in a modern intercom system as the first thing guests see can leave a lasting impression and lay the foundation for making your building more attractive to potential tenants.


Intercom systems from ISS will not only keep your building and residents safe, but it will also make your building more attractive, increase the value of your property and in some cases actually reduce costs due to lower home insurance. Intercoms are an important feature that you should consider in your community today.

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