Alarm monitoring for ultimate peace of mind

Alarm Monitoring / Nov 16, 2021

Whilst the technical specifications of each security provider may differ, the basics of alarm monitoring are essentially the same. Alarm monitoring is the communication between your home security system and the central station of your security provider. How it works is; when a sensor detects an intrusion, a signal is sent to the central monitoring station which sets off an alarm. Either notifying you or the appropriate authorities. Senors may include motion detectors, window or doors, tamper sensors or smoke/temperature detectors and flood sensors.

With a legacy of over 25 years in the security alarm systems industry, Integrated Security Services is a specialist service provider in the field of Alarm Monitoring access New Zealand and goes above and beyond other security services. Utilising the best available technology and software specifically developed for your requirements, we are able to meet all of your demands. Stringent operating systems and protocols in conjunction enable ISS to deliver services that are tailored directly to the requirements of our clients. No job is too big or small when it comes to your safety.

When you invest in alarm monitoring in NZ, you aren’t just paying for the safety of you and your family, you’re paying for constant peace of mind. That level of security surpasses ‘emergency scenarios’ into a lifetime of removing your worries. Security systems do more than just deter burglars. The right system can keep you linked to your home no matter where you are. It will also inform you when doors are neglectfully left open and if attempts have been made to access private parts of your home. Not to forget hidden benefits that you may be able to take advantage of, such as discounts on home insurance.

If it’s residential security you’re looking to guarantee, look no further than Integrated Security Services. We’re dedicated to achieving results and provide ongoing support in your pursuit for protection at home. Whether you opt for sensors or a panic button or both, we will simply break down all these components for you with a free on-site assessment of your residential home. You’ll be left feeling assured that help will be immediately at hand in the event of a crime or medical emergency.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to secure your home, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss what kind of security solutions we can provide to fill your needs. Your free consultation awaits with New Zealand’s top provider.