What you need to ensure workplace security

workplace security / Nov 12, 2021

You can’t be too careful when looking after your business. Integrated security can prevent break ins, stolen data and computers, and countless hours of worry and regret. It might just be time to confront those concerns and turn to New Zealand’s top security services from ISS. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you need.

Commercial Security Alarms:

Starting with the fundamentals, the design and installation requirements for commercial security alarms adhere to the same principles as residential security services. Following a free consultation, we can recommend and install small to medium-sized security requirements that can be met with the Honeywell™ range of security alarms. To expand your security, a variety of additional sensors may be added. These may include door contacts for securing roller doors, fire exits and internal doors, vibration or inertia sensors for safes and adjoining or exposed walls, glass break detectors to provide early warning of intruders breaking windows and specialised passive infrared detectors and outdoor beams.


Monitoring and recording your workplace can prevent crime. 24-hour surveillance can help keep an eye on any wrongdoings and help report uninvited guests of your property. Security camera systems allow you to have more than one set of eyes, with state-of-the-art electronic equipment on the lookout for you and every corner of your property.

Wireless Intercom Systems:

If your business isn’t customer-facing or you just want to install some privacy and security, adding a wireless intercom system is an important step. Intercom systems generally consist of a push-button/digital list, microphone and security camera at a gate or building entrance, along with a handset and monitor inside the office. This gives you ultimate control over who is permitted inside and which visitors aren’t.

Access Control:

Access control is a way to restrict entrance to a building or room to authorised persons only. Electronic access control can be achieved by a combination of electronic locks, card or biometric access readers and software. Often an access control system is integrated with the security alarm system. Swipe cards are usually the most common, but ISS also offer proximity systems, retina scans and finger scans. However, the real power and strength of an access control system is the software that manages the system. Add a level of automation to your business which includes air conditioning, energy management, lift control and lighting through the use of access control.

Now you understand the ways in which Integrated Security Services can increase the protection and privacy of your company, reach out and give us a call to discuss your bespoke needs and how you’d like us to help.