Access Control: A Flexible Solution

Access Control / Oct 25, 2021

Our access control systems offer so many benefits that it surprises us that a lot of businesses have yet to embrace this fantastic technologyA large number of businesses, particularly small to medium-size enterprises, still use an old fashioned lock and key and that means the security of their property, staff and assets is compromised to a marked degree. No business is too small for access control. It also has its place in multi-tenant residential buildings as well as the family home. An access control system will not only make it a more secure place, but it will also deliver many more benefits as well.

In very simple terms, access control restricts entrance to a property, building or room to authorised persons. Electronic access control can be achieved by a combination of electronic locks, card or biometric access readers and software. Often an access control system is integrated with the security alarm system. Customer feedback suggests there are three major advantages to installing such a system besides enhanced security:

  • It saves considerable amounts of money by avoiding the need to re-key the entire building/office every time an employee or tenant leaves.
  • Substantially improves a business’s productivity and the bottom line through better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance.
  • Reduce workplace hazards by effectively keeping unauthorized personnel out of high-risk areas.

In this day and age when employers like to offer flexible working hours to their employees, access control is very beneficial as well. With employees working at different times, an access control system lets them enter the premises whenever they need to. People can start early without waiting for someone to unlock the doors, and managers don’t have to hang around to lock up at the end of the day.

The ability to work at times of the day that suit them is appreciated by employees. Flexible working hours are certainly not a novelty anymore and are almost considered a standard part of today’s working arrangements. If you want to give your team members that option, then our access control systems are the best way to do it – and they come with many other benefits as well. Contact us to find out more about these great systems and put yourself in charge by taking control of who can, and who can’t, access your property.