Alarm Systems: A Question Of Placement

Alarm Systems / Oct 22, 2021

From time to time we post articles about the risks posed by the DIY installation of alarm systems. We know you have off-the-shelf options available to you but those products are often vastly inferior to the world-class brands we supply and install. However, in this post, it’s not the quality of the systems we want to focus on. It’s where you place the components that we want to discuss right now.

When installing an alarm system in NZ, we put a lot of thought into the proper placement and location of the control panel and keypad. This is something not every DIY installer takes into consideration – many believe that anywhere will do, and that is usually the place that is easiest for them to access. But the correct positioning is essential in keeping the building secure. For example, a keypad must never be placed in a burglar’s line of sight from outside the building; it needs to be moved away from windows and entrances. Trust us, we have seen many amateur installations where the keypad is easily visible from the outside. By placing it within someone’s line of sight, they can see if the system is armed or disabled, which helps them devise a plan for breaking and entering. And, if they know where the alarm system and control panel is located, it allows them to disable it faster and easier.

We must also remember that an alarm system is only as good as the sensors, and putting them in the most effective locations is also something that needs an expert touch. Without giving too much away, we take into account things like high traffic areas, corners, height, doorways and even basements. We don’t just come in and put sensors anywhere that is convenient to us – we always go for locations that give you as much coverage as possible. Again, DIY security installations rarely consider these things.

Even the best alarm systems are rendered less effective when they’re not positioned with a good deal of thought. In our wide experience, we have learned the best places for our systems, and some other locations that are not as good. That is why we recommend you play it safe with your alarm system – not just the quality of the product but the correct installation as well. For that peace of mind, contact us and give your alarms the best opportunity to protect your property and your family.