The Need For Improved Security In Schools

Improved Security / Mar 19, 2021

We’re one of the leading security companies in Auckland, and we have built up a proud reputation for supplying the best security products and services. Because we do what we do, we’re naturally curious about crime trends in our community. What we’ve noticed in recent times is the growing number of break-ins and thefts in local schools. It’s really sad that this is occurring but in many ways, we’re not surprised. The increased use of technology in learning institutions, particularly the relatively new practice of giving each child a laptop to learn on, makes schools an increasingly attractive target.

All those devices are almost irresistible for criminals. In just the last day or two, we read about three south Auckland schools where about 90 laptops were stolen in break-ins. Randwick Park School suffered two break-ins one week, Papatoetoe Intermediate School had one, while the library of Alfriston College was also broken into. This seems to suggest there’s a bit of a crime ring happening, where offenders are working in specific areas and getting as much as they can from as many schools as they can. We wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of other break-ins at a number of schools in the same vicinity; that’s how the crims seem to operate these days.

This is not an Auckland problem. Last year, we read a news report where five Southland schools were broken into in the space of just four days! While most schools have some security measures, the growing rate of thefts from them suggests that security in our places of learning needs to be greatly improved. This is especially true when schools now have more technology within their buildings than ever before. We all know that burglars will take anything but they find technology especially appealing.

We are proud to provide security services and products for a number of schools. For example, at Westlake Boys High School we are responsible for the installation of security intruder detection systems and electronic door access control, as well as ongoing maintenance of these systems, and monitoring. It’s a partnership that makes the school a safer and more secure place and helps to protect the substantial investment they make in technology and other learning equipment for their students.

As schools become bigger targets for criminals, we must fight back with enhanced security. Relying on outdated products is just asking for trouble. To better protect our schools, and everything that means so much to students and teachers, a modern approach is required. Contact us to find out more.