Why Go Wireless?

Wireless / Aug 16, 2021

As far as we’re concerned, any security measure for your home and business is better than none at all. But as you’d be well aware, the better the equipment the better the securityThe wireless intercom systems we supply and install at Integrated Security Services are a case in point. An audio or video intercom system of any kind, including a wired system, gives you some peace of mind and acts as a solid deterrent against unwanted visitors. But when you step up to wireless, you enjoy a higher level of reassurance, even more deterrence against potential intruders and you receive several other important benefits as well:

  • Ease of installation. Many New Zealand homes are set back from the road, which means conventional intercoms are installed on pillars and require long cable runs. This can be a time-consuming process and add significant amounts to installation costs. There are no such issues with wireless systems.
  • Wireless intercoms, like any security measure without wires, are much more difficult to deactivate. This makes them a superb deterrent in any home or business.
  • Because wireless intercoms are not fixed to wires they are much more flexible and can be easier to move if this is required.
  • Wireless intercom systems are more technologically advanced. For example, in an apartment building, up to 9,999 separate apartments can be connected to a single intercom system!

Wireless intercom systems make it easier to protect your home and business, and they are much more efficient and effective. We highly recommend Italian designed and manufactured intercom systems including the renowned Farfisa and Bittcino brands. They incorporate world-class design, practicality and performance, with particular attention paid to aesthetics, functionality and quality control. They’re able to handle the elements too, such as damaging UV rays, salt air, tropical storms, ice and snow. This means they remain functional and reliable where many cheap brands will stop operating. The minute they stop is the minute your security is compromised – that’s why we endorse Farfisa and Bittcino.

When it comes to security products to protect your home, your business, your property, and your family,  you’re much better off with something instead of nothing at all. But an investment in the best security equipment you can afford will turn out to be a very smart move. This includes state-of-the-art wireless technologies like our intercom systems. To find out more, contact us and our highly experienced team can provide a free appraisal and site survey.