Say Goodbye To Keys

Keys / Aug 21, 2021

Surprisingly, a lot of small and medium-sized Kiwi businesses still lock up their buildings with old fashioned keys. That surprises us as we believe you don’t have to be a large corporation to derive a lot of benefits out of sophisticated access control systems, like swipe card access, electronic locks, biometric access readers and software.

Access control does what the name suggests; it controls who gains access to a property, or certain parts of that building. Such a system appeals as being far more secure than traditional access and entry systems. As far as we’re concerned, access control systems are useful in commercial and residential settings for the following reasons:

  • Saves money and time by eliminating the need to re-key the entire building or office every time an employee or tenant leaves.
  • Improves the bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance.
  • Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high-risk areas.
  • Virtually impenetrable when compared to an old fashioned lock and key which is “child’s play” to open for a professional criminal.

It’s the visible components of an access control system that capture most of the attention, particularly things like proximity systems, retina scans and finger scans. But the real strength of these systems is the incredible software that manages them. Great software takes access control systems beyond being just security and entrance devices; the flexibility offered by the software means a building can be automated to a significant degree and can manage lift control, lighting, energy management, air conditioning and more. Because access control can manage so much from one central unit, we see it as a smart investment in creating a more secure and efficient building, and that has to be advantageous for a business of any size.

The type of access control system you require will largely depend on the size and the nature of your business. There is no off the shelf solution as flexibility is key to these systems. That is why we recommend you contact us and ask for a free and no obligation site survey. This will allow our security professionals to make a full assessment of your building and what you do in that space. Once we have all that information, we can recommend a cost-efficient solution to you. Whatever we advise, you can be sure that your new access control system will be far more effective and beneficial than the old fashioned lock and key!