How Safe Is Your Home? Use This Checklist To Find Out

Alarm Systems / May 21, 2019

In today’s world we all live busy lifestyles, so it’s easy to overlook certain things we should be paying attention to, such as our Home Security Systems. Alarm Systems form the backbone of every home’s security system, and most people have one installed on their property. While this is a great place to start, there are a few other additions you should consider making to ensure the safety of your belongings and family members. To assess whether or not your home environment is secure enough, check how many (if any) of these measures are in place, using the following checklist.

  1. Alarm Systems: As mentioned, this is the bare minimum you need to have installed in your home. An alarm system prevents strangers from gaining access to your property. It serves the dual purpose of potentially scaring off intruders, as well as alerting you and your family to unauthorised entry.
  2. Access Control: This includes both entry to your property, as well as your house itself. Remote controlled gates or security guards can assist with access to the outside areas, and burglar guards and gates reduce access to your property.
  3. Intercom: An intercom is an ideal way to minimise risk to you and your family. It allows for screening of unknown visitors from the safety of inside, as opposed to having to open the door, or in some cases, go out to find out if the person has a legitimate need to enter.
  4. Emergency Assistance: An emergency could result from a crime-based situation such as a home invasion, or other reasons (such as a medical emergency). Either way, these circumstances are often life-threatening. Panic buttons can be used to get rapid assistance in emergencies and are especially valuable if you have seniors or children at home, or if family members are alone in the house late at night.
  5. Cameras: Cameras are effective deterrents for criminal activity in or around your property and can also protect your assets on your property such as cars or garden equipment. They also bring attention to suspicious activity, such as people lurking around where they shouldn’t be.


Integrated Security Services offer custom solutions for New Zealand homeowners. If you have an out of date alarm system you’d like to update or would like to supplement it with the above, contact us for a free consultation.