Don’t Believe These Common Misconceptions About New Zealand Security Camera Systems

Installing a security system is like placing an extra eye and ear in your home or business that’s watching and listening – whether you’re present or not. It makes it easier to prevent crimes or apprehend suspects after they’ve committed crimes. Many Kiwis are considering installing these types of units in their homes and businesses and you might be one of them. Here’s exactly what you need to know about the role that these cameras will play in keeping your home and business safe. After all, you don’t want to base your decision on anything other than fact.

  1. Thieves Will Do As They Please, Camera Or No Camera

You might believe that criminals are opportunistic and that they’ll attempt to enter a property even if it has deterrents such as high walls and gates. This belief doesn’t apply to homes with cameras. Intruders are less likely to break into a house with surveillance cameras as they know that this increases the chances of getting them caught. Even if they’re silly enough to try, you’ll have evidence to help you identify and incriminate them when the time comes.

  1. It’s Possible To Clear Up Grainy Footage

Most people assume that the quality of filmed security camera footage is useless, as it will be grainy and in black and white, making it impossible to identify anyone and anything. When in reality the quality of footage captured depends on the type of camera you own. Make sure you get a good quality unit or consult an expert technician for advice. It will help you avoid the disappointment of not being able to tell what’s happening when you watch your footage.

  1. There Are No Blind Spots With Security Camera Systems In NZ

Cameras are similar to our eyes. They can miss a few things if looking in the wrong direction. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, carefully position them and increase the number of cameras you have. Trial and error won’t help in this case. Rope in some professional help to make sure your camera placement misses nothing.

  1. Living In A Secure Neighbourhood Means You’re In The Clear

Sure, there aren’t many incidents in your area. Is the risk worth it, though? Criminals don’t play by the book. The element of surprise tends to work in their favour. Don’t get caught off guard just because you live in a low crime area.

It’s important to know what you can expect from a security camera system set up on your home or business. To ensure you get the most value from this system and that you never have to worry unnecessarily again, enquire today to find out more about installing one in your home or business – contact Integrated Security Systems today.