Surprising Facts About NZ Alarm Systems That Most People Don’t Know

Alarm Systems / Mar 08, 2019

What do you do to feel safe in your home? For most of us living in NZ, having an alarm system does the trick. However, we also develop habits based on what we believe deters criminals and prevents crime. Some people will leave their lights and TV on if they’re going out at night so that thieves think someone is home. Other put up ‘Beware of Dog’ signs even if they don’t have any pets. While there’s no way to tell if these tactics work or not, there are a few facts that you probably weren’t aware of that could change how you view your home security. Keep these in mind the next time you set your alarm.

  1. Burglars Work From Nine To Five

Most burglars would rather avoid you, so they prefer to strike your property when you’ve left for work. It’s easier for them to dash in and out unnoticed this way, as your neighbours will also be at work. An active alarm system will either deter them from trying to enter in the first place or make it easier for authorities to catch them before they get too far.

  1. Accidental Alarm Triggers Are A Thing Of The Past

Thanks to modern technology you can connect your alarm system to your phone or laptop for 24/7 monitoring. This way, you can enjoy the peace of mind and monitor your home no matter where you are. It also means that you can immediately see whether someone is trying to break into your home or if your forgetful teen has just forgotten the passcode to the house again.

  1. More Than Half Of Kiwis With Alarm Systems Forget To Switch Them On

According to AA Insurance, over 55% of Kiwi alarm system owners don’t turn them on when they leave the house. It puts your home at risk, irrespective of how short your trip is. Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. A quick trip to the shops for milk could be all it takes for someone to rob you.

  1. Almost 90% Of Burglaries Are Preventable

As we mentioned earlier, alarms systems deter criminals, and violent home invasions are rare. In most cases, you can deter thieves from targeting your home by installing a quality alarm system and using it. Why spend time and money replacing lost items when you can prevent it from happening altogether? Rather be safe than sorry. Integrated Security Services provides top quality alarm systems for NZ homes, so get in touch with us to get your home secured.