4 Reasons To Install An Access Control System On Your NZ Property

Control System / Mar 22, 2019

For decades, New Zealand businesses had to put up with outdated and ineffective access control systems. It’s understandable that many decided to stick with keys and locks to keep the right people in and the wrong ones out. It’s an adequate solution, but not one that will grow with your business. Fingerprint and card scanners are no longer out-of-this-world ideas from the future, and it’s never been easier to install a biometrics system that can keep up with even the busiest business. If you’re still wondering about whether or not to invest in such a system, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience with an access control system.

  1. It Keeps Track Of Your Employees

An access control system can be a useful human resources tool as it can tell you if your employees are working their required hours. It can also be activated or deactivated the moment someone becomes employed, or they stop working for you. No more worrying about an ex-employee having access to your building or keeping your building keys.

  1. It Prevents And Deters Theft

Controlling access to your business is a significant deterrent for theft. With restricted access and knowledge of who is entering which areas in your building at what times, it becomes almost impossible for criminals to access secure areas or steal something without being detected.

  1. It Sections Off Restricted Areas Effectively

If you have a loading dock, stock room or server room, access control is a good idea. Even though you may trust your employees, you might be concerned about accidental damage occurring. It will also benefit you in terms of insurance as your insurers will see that you’ve taken measures to protect your assets.

  1. It’s Less Expensive In the Long Run

You have four pairs of keys to your office, and one goes missing. Where could it be and should you wait until it shows up or change the locks? Changing the locks will mean getting a new set of keys, and what if they get lost too? With an access control system, this kind of worry is a thing of the past.

You have 101 things to worry about as a business owner. Why not remove one thing from your plate? Integrated Security Services provides access controls systems for NZ property owners, so let us help you today.