How Cheapening Out On Security Can Be More Costly Than You Realise

As a business owner, there is no doubt that you want to protect your business with the very best in security camera systems. It’s important to your livelihood, your employees and operations. However, with tight finances, many of us have to face the reality that we simply will not be able to buy the latest system in the market and that we may have to sacrifice other essential services pertinent to the running of our business just to have a suitable camera system installed. Others may choose to find the cheapest solution which appears to give them the most coverage for their budget however, choosing to cheapen out on your security can be detrimental to your business and profits in time to come. Here are some points to consider before you reduce your security budget – 

Not Installing Enough Cameras

Inexperienced service providers often push their clients towards choosing fewer cameras, assuring them that it’s sufficient. However, an industry professional will consider several key factors before recommending how many will be needed. This includes overlaps, blind spots and inadequate coverage. Getting a second opinion is always advised as you may be alerted to areas that require monitoring.

Assuming Your Package Covers It All 

Most of us are instantly drawn towards seemingly all-inclusive packages. Packages that state they offer camera setup and system installation, integration, servicing and upgrades – appearing to be the most cost-effective and sensible solution. However, without closer scrutiny, many may miss important information. We sometimes find ourselves with frantic clients who have a new system installed and no idea of how to install upgrades or perform much-needed repairs, which they assumed were covered for. Do not simply take a service provider’s word for it, ask specific questions and ask for a breakdown of exactly what the package offers and how it will benefit your business. 

Assurances That You Can DIY 

Service providers that quickly alert you after a sale that they don’t offer installation can be frustrating and yet it is a common complaint we hear. Some of these less-than-reputable professionals may suggest kits that seem easy to install yourself and let you purchase it, only for you to realise soon after that the system doesn’t seem to be working. Having no after-sales service can leave you feeling helpless and may lead to you having to incur more costs just to hire out another company to install your security cameras.

Security camera systems are crucial to any business in New Zealand. This is because they can deter thieves, allowing you to keep an eye on the business operations discreetly and help you feel assured that your stock is completely secure. But as mentioned before, insufficient funds can be a hassle to work around when choosing a security system for your business, leading some to forgo it completely and hoping they’ll never have to incur losses and others deciding on less-than-reputable systems to install that seems to be cheaper. 

At Integrated Security Systems, we highly recommend you speak to us before settling for the less expensive option. We offer affordable security solutions, professional service and expert advice, every time. Contact us today!