Checks To Do Before Travelling

home security cameras / Mar 28, 2020

Securing our homes and families is important to everyone. Deterring home invasions, burglaries and vandalism are often our primary concerns when we seek out home security camera system and other similar systems. They provide us as homeowners with a sense of comfort knowing that we are fully protected and we usually sleep easy at night knowing our home is protected. But we also tend to be less concerned when we’re travelling or going away. And it isn’t because we aren’t worried about our home or belongings, it’s because there is no major threat to human life – the most critical priority to us all. 

These are five checks we suggest you do to give you peace of mind while you’re away. 

Let Family Or Friends Know You’re Going On Vacation

Even if you’re only going away for a few days, someone outside of your own immediate family must know. You can ask them to just pass by and ensure everything looks as it should. It’s worth also providing them with a spare key to your home to put on lights at night or to collect any post that piles up. 

Test Your Security Systems 

Call out a professional at least a week in advance to ensure that your security systems are in working condition and to keep your home secure while your away. A specialist will quickly pick up on any potential problems and alert you, giving you enough time to correct the issue. 

Try To Be Inconspicuous 

You should let your neighbours know you will be away, but don’t go around blurting the specifics of your trip. This includes dates you will be gone, number of days you are away and particular times. Keep important information to yourself and only share with your trusted family member or friend. 

Keep The Curb Clear 

Any objects lying around are a clear indicator to criminals that your home may not be occupied. Ensure you pack away all gardening tools or toys and keep your grass short to avoid any negative attention. 

Double Check Your Insurances 

Validate that all your insurance policies are up to date and that you are covered in the event of theft and home damage to your home. The last thing you need after realising you have had a break-in is a difficult service provider who won’t help you because you didn’t read through the fine print. 

We can sometimes get so excited about the vacations that we quickly shift our security concerns to last priority on our to-do list before going away. While away, you will no doubt feel the surge of worry as you realise that you didn’t secure your house well enough and may even dread coming back to the possibility of a break-in. But with the installation of security systems such as home security cameras in NZ, you can be assured that your home will be as well protected as can be. To speak to a consultant about your security requirements, contact us today at Integrated Security Services