Maintaining Your Home Alarm System

Home Alarm System / Mar 17, 2020

For first-time clients, they are surprised to learn that the installed home alarm systems NZ need to be serviced and maintained on a yearly basis. Many have the misconception that an alarm system will continue working as it should, without proper service, but this is not the case. And although it is designed to rarely ever need human intervention, this does not mean the home alarm system works forever without service. Much like any other system in your home, your alarm should be considered a crucial appliance that needs regular check-ups to keep performing well.

A professional company will always suggest you prioritise this service. But you should not consider this just another unnecessary expense, it’s a valuable service that you do need to keep your home and family safe and protected against criminals. There is no point in installing the most expensive alarm system out there on your property if you have no intention of maintaining it and keeping it in working order. It should be considered an investment that should never go into ill-repair.

Here are the top reasons why it’s so important to maintain your alarm system at home.

Updates May Be Needed 

Much like any system, there will be regular updates that need to be installed to ensure you do not fall behind. This guarantees that your alarm will continue working, may increase its performance and improve its functionality. Even if you aren’t certain on how to go about installing updates, a professional can assist you quickly and effectively once a year.

It No Longer Is A Deterrent 

Criminals may be quick to assess a home alarm system and determine if it’s in disrepair. This becomes a serious concern because your system should be in optimal working condition all-year-round and you can only be assured of that with a proper service conducted.

It May Start Malfunctioning 

Homeowners admit that if they’ve ignored servicing their alarm systems for years, they find that it does start to malfunction. The alarm may go off unexpectedly and at different times, not every room in your home may be covered anymore and sensors can become trippy which is never a good thing.

We understand why our automatic garage doors and gates need to be serviced to continue operating, so likewise, an alarm system needs to be given the same priority and attention. It’s not a task we suggest you put off or ignore ever because not only will it become more of a security hazard, but it can also be rendered useless after years of negligence which will become expensive when a replacement is needed. To book your yearly home alarm systems NZ service with us at affordable rates, speak to us at Integrated Security Services.

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