Protecting Your Business With An Alarm System

Alarm Systems / Feb 19, 2020

As a business owner, you may be familiar with the overwhelming sense of dread that you experience when protecting your business. Purchasing integrated alarm systems, installing security cameras and restricting access at certain times to the premises are some of the most common solutions, that many take up in ensuring their businesses are secure at all times. But some are still hesitant about installing these types of systems, because of the fitment and maintenance bills, in the future. Unfortunately, safeguarding your livelihood does come at a cost and will benefit you in more ways than you may realise. Every business today, no matter the size, needs to prioritise their security to defend the valuable assets they have invested to in it to make it a success.

Although the installation costs of installing an alarm system may seem daunting, it is very much a necessary addition for a few reasons. Not only will an alarm system act as a defence, but it can also lower your insurance premiums and provide you with peace of mind.

Here is why you should consider an alarm system for your business today.

Crime Stopper

The number one reason that many choose an alarm system, commercially or even residentially, is because of its ability to discourage criminals from invading a property and stealing from the owner. Break-ins can be avoided, as the security company that manages your subscription every month is instantly alerted to unauthorised entry into your business premises.

Employee Theft 

Alarm systems in NZ can bring to your attention any inventory theft after hours, by employees which can be useful in hindering such behaviour. Once integrated with a surveillance system, employees will think twice about stealing inventory, assets or money from a business because they are being constantly monitored.

External Interference 

An added benefit of installing an alarm system in a business is that it can quickly stop any wrongdoing or environmental disturbances in and around the premises. There may be wild animals or pests that keep finding their way into your business looking for food or shelter. Or there may be individuals trying to vandalise the business, who will be instantly put off as soon as they hear a triggered alarm.

All-year protection is a major deterrent against theft and negligence, which will optimise the way a business owner runs their business. Alarm systems are invaluable, allowing you to stay alert easily and conveniently. To learn more about our cost-effective solutions in security, contact us today at Integrated Security Systems.