Questions To Ask Before Installing A Camera System

Camera System / Feb 12, 2020

Purchasing security systems and in particular, security camera systems NZ can feel very much like an enormous undertaking for an inexperienced buyer. The market has numerous options available with varying functionalities, making the decision difficult for any business owner. Inundated with choices, a business owner can easily go along with models that are not equipped for their business needs.  And often choosing the most affordable system can seem like an economical purchase right now, but may not be a sound business decision in the future. While the need for installing such a system on your premises is important, not having industry knowledge on what is best suited for your business can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated.  

Trusting a professional with their selection for your business is often the resolution to this difficult choice. But it is important that it’s the right fit for you and your business, even if you are uncertain of what the market has to offer. And so, at Integrated Security Services, we want our customers to feel empowered in their decisions and have put together the top questions to ask before installation. 

1) Will My Service Provider Install?

Speaking to various camera system providers may have you feeling confident in making your final decision, especially after shopping around and selecting the most suitable system for your business. However, it’s essential that you ask about installation and not just assume your new system will be fitted by your service provider. There are many DIY options available on the market and we highly recommend you use a trusted technician rather than attempt to do the job yourself. Inadequate installations can lead to costly repairs or a complete waste of money. 

2) Will My Cameras Be Able To Function In All Areas? 

Weather conditions and space constraints can become a hassle to resolve if you have already purchased a camera system and plan on having an installation done soon. Depending on your business needs, you may need to have cameras fitted outside your premises which mean that they are vulnerable to rain or hail. Within the building, you may have issues with the structures and fittings such as high shelving or lighting, that will affect the range of motion. A professional will be able to perform a site evaluation to help determine what your business needs are and ensure that your cameras work efficiently in all areas with proper placement. 

3) How Safe Is My Camera System? 

Often, business owners rarely give much attention to camera system hacks because it seems like such an unlikely possibility. However, as criminals become more technologically inclined, they will find more ways to infiltrate your business for their own gain. It may seem like an unnecessary question but it can be pivotal in securing your business completely. Asking your service provider about how a camera system will fare against hacking is an important question to help ensure you are protected 24/7 without being compromised. 

A camera system is an investment, so it’s essential that you feel confident in your purchase. Sound financial decisions do require business owners to ask the right questions to service providers and to shop around, rather than just accepting the cheapest quotation they receive. For all your security camera systems in NZ requirements, speak to Integrated Security Systems to help you defend your business completely.