How effective are home security systems?

Home Security System / Jan 31, 2022

Adding protection to your home can deter burglars, thwart break-ins and give you the all-important security and peace of mind you crave. As we all do. Most often, thieves enter homes through doors and windows. Wise homeowners can reduce burglaries by taking a few simple steps, such as making sure their doors and windows are closed and locked, even when they are at home. But sometimes that isn’t enough. For effective home security systems, turn to us. Here are some ways to increase the security of your property.

Add an alarm: 

Home security alarm systems typically consist of a main control box, one or more numeric keypads located on the front and rear doors, and a combination of passive infrared detectors, wired smoke detectors, sirens, and a panic button. We supply a range of burglar alarm systems, including Honeywell burglar alarms ideal for home security.

Police widely accept that burglar alarms in New Zealand are the single most effective means of deterrent. If you take just one step today towards the security of your home it’s this.

Secure your front door with smart locks and intercom: 

Home security solutions for securing front doors can include smart locks and doorbell cameras that can be programmed to send alerts to smartphones if someone presses the doorbell or approaches the door detected by a door detection sensor.

With the option to talk to visitors through the loudspeaker you remain safe and secure in your home while being able to communicate with whoever is outside, keeping a layer of security between you and potential intruders.

Install CCTV:

Keep a pair of eyes on your home 24/7 with CCTV. Round the clock surveillance means you’ll never miss a thing and can see potential threats coming. In New Zealand, this type of technology is mostly used to monitor properties and prevent crime.

Just the sight of CCTV could be enough to turn off intruders from trying their luck. Knowing they’re being watched means any crimes committed are being recorded and will be passed on to the Police.

Home security systems work. To start securing your home today, or your business property, contact us to find out the best ways to find protection for your residence and go to sleep at night knowing you’re safe and protected.