Introducing SNAP:The Online Asset List

Introducing SNAP / Jun 10, 2021

We often talk about our security services and products like security cameras, access control systems, monitoring services, and alarm systems. But this time around, we’re going to discuss an initiative from the New Zealand Police as we feel it is a very worthwhile one. It might not be a deterrent as such, and it might not prevent something being stolen, but it could be helpful in recovering items, assisting  police as they investigate property crimes, and it could also be invaluable in lodging a successful insurance claim. 

It’s called SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership), and it’s a free, online asset list hosted by the NZ Police. While we have always been encouraged to keep a paper list of serial numbers, that list and those invaluable numbers are likely to be lost if burglary, fire, or other loss occurs. Because SNAP is an online asset list of property serial numbers, you can access your list of property items instantly. It can never be lost, as it is stored digitally and you’re the only one who can access it. That is why the New Zealand police say it should be a vital component of home and business security.

Once you have registered, the SNAP website  allows you to enter and maintain details of all of your important possessions or assets online. That makes it possible to access this list from any place, at any time. If your items are stolen, you can then retrieve your asset list immediately, and forward the details to the Police as well as your insurance company. It’s not just serial numbers you can add. You can also provide photos alongside the serial numbers, as well as model numbers, warranty information and valuation certificate details.

Thanks to SNAP, and the information you provide, it will be harder for stolen goods to be sold, and easier for them to be recovered. And unlike other online asset lists, this one is free!

SNAP is a great idea and we encourage you to find out more about it. Just Google SNAP NZ Police and you’ll find the website, and all the details. But we firmly believe you should try and do everything you can to ensure your property isn’t taken in the first place. So, for a long overdue security upgrade for your home and business, contact us and we’ll provide the services and products that will best protect what’s important to you.