Some Simple Security Tips

Security Tips / Feb 11, 2021

Our technologically-advanced security products, like our security camera systems, are a cutting-edge way to secure your property and protect your family. But as part of a complete security package, you can do some very easy things yourself. Our technology and your common sense can form a formidable combination. With that in mind, here are a few simple security tips.

  • Never leave computers or other valuable assets too close to windows as these could be taken through a broken pane without activating a general alarm. If you really have to put your computer by the window, pull the curtain so it won’t be seen from the outside, have an extra sensor fitted to your alarm which will target the specific area, or ask us about a glass break sensor.  
  • If you’re going away for a few days, put all your valuables in a room with a detector in it. 
  • Clear cobwebs, spiders and insects away from the sensors to avoid false alarms.
  • Ensure nothing obstructs the view of your detectors. 
  • Always set your alarm system. This applies even if you are only heading out for a short time. Many burglaries occur when parents are picking up or dropping off their children at school.
  • Make sure security alarm stickers are highly visible at your front and back entrance points as well as lockable garages and sheds. This is a strong deterrent.  
  • Many thefts occur through sheer opportunism. Remove temptation by locking up tools or items that can be used to break into your home e.g tools, garden equipment, ladders. 
  • Consider planting hedges, thorny shrubs and climbing roses around your property as deterrents and barriers. Professional criminals hate prickly things!
  • Overgrown vegetation and trees provide ideal hiding places for crims. Ensure your yard is always well trimmed.
  • Criminals hate the light. Ensure your property is well-lit – sensor lights are obviously ideal but make sure they’re regularly maintained. Street lighting is another thing to look at. If it’s lacking in your street, contact your local authorities. If they’re reluctant to act, get your neighbours involved and make a street-wide campaign of it until they agree to upgrade your lighting. 
  • Be careful how you use social media, particularly if you’re planning a holiday. Revealing this information on your various profiles is not a good idea so change your settings from public to private if you can. 

These are just a few of the things you can do to enhance the security of your home. We have plenty more ideas we can share, so get in touch. And ask us for a free site inspection so we can advise on what high-tech methods will work best at your home (or business).