How Commercial Alarms Will Protect Your Business

Commercial Alarms / Jan 25, 2021

Residential and commercial security alarms operate on the same principles. To understand how one works, we only need to look at the other. But don’t think that you should use residential alarms to guard your business. While they work in the same way, commercial alarms can be further adapted to give you the protection you need in key areas.

Let’s look at how security alarms work in a very basic sense. Home security alarm systems are typically comprised of the main control unit, one or more code pads (which you might know as keypads) located at the front and back doors and a combination of passive infrared detectors (sensors), hard-wired smoke detectors, sirens and a panic button. We supply and install a wide range of quality residential security alarm systems. These include Honeywell security alarms that are ideally suited for home security.

As we’ve said, design and installation requirements for commercial security alarms work along the same lines as residential security alarms. But you shouldn’t use a residential alarm for your commercial premises. We think you can further adapt your system to provide excellent protection at a commercial level.

For example, a variety of additional sensors might be required for your commercial premises. These could include door contacts for securing roller doors, fire exits and internal doors, vibration or inertia sensors for safes and adjoining or exposed walls, glass break detectors to provide early warning of intruders breaking windows and specialized passive infrared detectors and outdoor beams.

As you’ve just read, there is so much more you can add to your commercial security alarm to protect all areas of your business. So if anyone tells you that a residential security alarm is enough for your business, don’t take their advice. The principles are the same but there is a big difference in how they’re adapted for their particular roles. What works in one location will not be nearly as effective in another, so you’re wasting your money and compromising your security and safety by using the same thing to do different jobs.

Aty Integrated Security Services, our security specialists can come to your business and recommend appropriate security alarm systems for larger commercial security alarm applications. And, of course, we can do the same for residential security alarms. Contact us, tell us what sort of property you want alarms for, and we’ll help you make the best choice.