Stay Alert With Home Security Camera Systems In NZ

Home Security System / Jan 21, 2020

There is a common misconception amongst homeowners that once home security camera systems in NZ and home alarm systems are installed, they are completely protected with no reason to take note of any strange occurrences around their homes. And while these systems are indeed designed to keep your family protected, it is still only a preventative measure. It relies on you staying alert to ensure that you never have to deal with criminals entering your home and invading your space too.

Hearing this can have you feeling confused as you are paying to install cameras to highlight any intruders or alert you to emergencies. However, do not let this deter you from installing these systems because they are still extremely valuable and they can be your ears and eyes when you are away from home.

You need to use your home security systems in conjunction with being observant and making sure your home is not open and inviting to criminals. These are some of the ways you can transform your home into a safety zone and work with your home alarm system.

Secure Your Garden 

Having an unkempt, overgrown garden is often taken as an indicator by criminals to enter your home as they assume you may not be home. It is essential to keep your garden short and neat with no large trees near the entrances and exits of your home as this can be used by criminals to evade detection.

Keep Doors And Windows Locked 

When not in use and before going to bed, it’s critical to do a sweep through your home to make sure that all entering doors and windows are locked properly. Even though this seems like a tedious task, some intruders may truly take it as an invitation to enter your home. A better option to this would be to install smart automated door locks to help give you peace of mind knowing you can do this remotely.

Always Pick Up Mail

Any sign of unattended mail, catalogues and pamphlets in your home post box let criminals know you may not be at home. Do a weekly, or even daily, pick up so that there is no build-up or ask neighbours to do so when you are not around.

Take Note Of Your Street 

It’s important to do a weekly scan of your street that may alert you to thieves lurking around. If you notice cars being parked in the same spot on the road for days at a time or similar cars driving by aimlessly, it could be criminals. Make sure to keep your neighbours in the loop and ask that they do the same, to keep your street crime-free.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of measures you can take in addition to installing or upgrading home security camera systems in NZ – it is a starting point to staying alert. Taking precaution when it comes to you and your family’s safety is of the utmost importance and simple acts such as monitoring your surroundings can help prevent a burglary in the future. For more information on security systems and safety solutions that Integrated Security Services can offer you – contact us today.