Is It Time For A CCTV Installation Upgrade?

As a business owner, protecting your business will always be a priority. Security of your premises, your offering and employees is important – as it can strengthen your livelihood for years to come. And this is why it becomes imperative to consider CCTV installation and other security services, to keep guard of your business. However, the installation of CCTV and other deterrent systems need to be upgraded consistently to maintain their effectiveness. 

This is because hardware, unfortunately, can become outdated, business threats may become too diversified for an obsolete system, and it can also become costly if in need of constant maintenance. A failing system becomes a risk, as it may not be able to protect your business sufficiently anymore, and that factor has significant implications. Insurance companies may be hesitant to provide you with cover if your CCTV system is not updated, criminals may become aware of the weak spots in your system, and ultimately it is not a business decision you ignore. 

Here are some of the signs you may need to consider an upgrade to your CCTV systems. 

Poor Field Of Vision 

Often the main reason for an upgrade of an existing CCTV system is that coverage is limited and restricted. Blind spots increase tremendously with the poor field of vision, and this can occur because of two reasons. You may have had a previous CCTV installation done shoddily, or it can be due to old cameras with restricted coverage design. All major sections of a business should be sufficiently covered with additional cameras to keep blind spots to a minimum. 

Low Storage 

Whether your business premises has multiple entry and exit ways or several angles to monitor, storage is an important factor of an efficient CCTV system. Low storage capacities can significantly affect your business if they are not meeting your requirements. It is essential that storage caters to the recording and keeping, of video and images. If you are struggling with storage and capacity, it is time for an upgrade to a newer CCTV installation. 

Distorted Imagery 

The most obvious sign that alerts business owners that their CCTV system needs an upgrade is that recordings of video and images are obscure, indistinct and with minimal clarity. If you are unable to make sense of a video or image, it is a mark of inadequate resolution which you need to address urgently. It increases the risk of a business succumbing to burglaries and such.  

If your business needs a new CCTV installation or an upgrade to your existing one, Integrated Security Services is an industry leader with a reputable service to assist you. For more information on our services for your commercial security needs, contact us today.