The Holiday Benefits Of A Home Security Camera System This Summer

Home Security System / Dec 17, 2019

As you and your family prepare for your summer holiday, travelling abroad or simply having a local getaway in the New Zealand countryside – thinking about the security of your home can make you anxious. You may be concerned about the length of you being away from your home or the possibility of a home burglary. And although hoping your house will remain safe all through your holiday seems like enough, it is not really an effective solution. But installing a security camera system this summer can give you peace-of-mind, knowing that you can monitor your house and surroundings easily.

With innovated systems, accessing your home can be done from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection to ensure uncompromised security, which is helpful when away for extended periods of time or when you need to alert authorities to a possible break-in.

Here are some advantageous reasons to convince you of the benefits of installing a security camera system before you leave for your travels.

It Deters Criminals 

The mere sight of visible security cameras is enough to deter criminals. Even with the most well-thought-out plan of invasion and robbery, bad guys can sometimes be discouraged when they see cameras. Because once met with the possibility of the recording of their illegal activities and their anonymity diminished, the burglary becomes less attractive.

It Let’s You Watch Your Pets 

Even if you have hired a pet sitter for your animals, you may still be uneasy about their wellbeing and behaviour. With a security camera system, you can quickly gain access to your home and garden to ensure that your pets are safe throughout your trip.

It Can Be Insurance-Compliant 

Depending on your property and home insurance, you may be required to have additional security measures in place when you are not there. This can help with future security claims and can assure them that you are well-protected too. The added benefit of installing security cameras is that insurance companies may reward clients with lower premiums due to the extra effort.

It Can Assist Police Officials 

Sometimes criminals may not be easily deterred from burglarising your home, and although this can be frustrating – a security camera system can assist police officials. Not only does it provide valuable information about the incident while you were on holiday, but it may also even lead to the arrest of the wrongdoers and even recovery of your stolen property.

Security camera systems give Kiwi property owners comfort, an especially important attribute when on holiday far from one’s home. It decreases any uncertainty, with instant access to your home anytime and anywhere in the world, through the lens of a camera. As a top-tier security provider in New Zealand, Integrated Security Services can guarantee our clients fully-fitted systems to increase their safety and security. Call us today to learn more about our offerings or to book an installation.