False Alarm? We Look At Why Alarms Are Triggered By Accident

False Alarm / Nov 21, 2019

We’ve all had it happen once or twice. You wake up in the morning, half-asleep, and stumble towards the kitchen for a cup of coffee, only to be jolted by the alarm suddenly going off. Or you’re away from home and are alerted that your alarm has been triggered, leaving you stressed and rushing to get back to your house and assess the damage, only to discover there is no damage, it was just a false alarm. These situations are not only annoying but can be quite embarrassing when you’ve put your security provider on high alert for nothing. There are a few typical causes of false alarms – find out what the main ones are and how to prevent these mishaps in future:

1) Pets And Human Error

If you have pets, or even live in an area with a lot of birds, they may trigger the sensors as they run or fly around your home. Most new alarm systems have sensors which are animal proof, but if you have an older system, talk to your security provider about an upgrade. Another likely cause is the people in or around your house. If you have visitors, they may not be aware or familiar with how your security system works, while babysitters and gardeners could also accidentally set off an alarm. Young children tend to tamper with alarm consoles as well, or sometimes you forget that your system is armed. Be sure to inform your visitors about the alarm and proper usage thereof to avoid accidental triggers in future. 

2) Weather And External Factors

Sometimes a strong gust of wind could rattle doors and windows, triggering your alarm system. The trees in your garden could also cause false alarms if there are any branches which extend into the line of sight of your sensors. Keep your garden manicured and look out for any objects or plants that may interfere with your security system. The arrival of a new pet may also cause sudden false alarms if your system is not set up to facilitate the presence of animals. 

3) Defective Technology

Alarm systems can malfunction, just as anything else tends to do from time to time. Whether it was an improper installation where sensors and detectors weren’t placed in the best locations, or perhaps your system is a bit older, and there’s a wiring issue, be sure to have your security system inspected routinely to ensure that everything is operating as it should. 

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