Is Your Business Secure? Here’s A Look At Criminal Deterrents

Criminal Deterrents / Nov 14, 2019

As a business owner, you have plenty to be concerned about and manage daily. Having to worry about what’s going on at your business premises when you’re not there should not be one of them. Having a security system installed is a no-brainer for most business owners, but what factors could cause a business to look like an easy target to criminals and what can be done to deter them from even trying to break in?

Reduce Potential Weak Spots

Burglars and criminals scope out businesses for easy access and areas that are concealed or offer an easy escape route. Ensure that your property is well-lit and place burglar bars on all windows and doors. Walk around your property and visualise how someone could potentially get in and out, then eliminate any weak spots you find. 

Increase Visible Warnings And Deterrents

Most of us will notice warning signs against walls, security cameras or extra security measures taken when we walk into a business. Visually creating the impression that your business is well-secured will already be a very effective way to put potential criminals off. Not only does it pose more of a risk for them if they know you have security cameras and an alarm system, but it also means a lot more effort for them.

Be Vigilant With Access To Your Business

If you employ staff, be sure to train them to keep back doors and other entrances closed and locked when not in use. Know exactly who has keys to your property and keep track of who has access, as it’s not only staff theft that can be an issue – sometimes keys can be stolen and used at a later time. Also, while convenient, making use of one master key to unlock all the main entrances is extremely risky. Instead invest in a proper set of locks, each with their keys. 

Security Service Backup

Invest in the installation of alarm systems, motion sensors, CCTV cameras and monitored alarms. This will deter criminals, and, should they decide to trespass, you’ll have the support of a security company to assist you.

Should you want even more control over how your business is accessed, look into investing in access control systems NZ. customers – both residential and commercial – have trusted our company for many years and our track record speaks for itself. Give us a call if you’d like to have absolute peace of mind about the security of your business premises.