Things To Look Out For When Getting A Home Alarm System For Seniors

Home Alarm System / Oct 25, 2019

Home is where the heart is, and it is only homely if you feel safe to live in it. To feel secure, and assure your loved ones safety and peace of mind, you should have home alarm systems NZ in your home.  A standard alarm system or security system will consist of various features. Others, on the other hand, have specialised components for even better protection and surveillance. So what if you are a senior or need to set up an alarm system for an older family member? Should your security system be the same?

Regular Security

The central component of a security system, be it for seniors or anyone else, should be cameras and alarms. Part of these components should include motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass break detectors and smoke detectors, but this isn’t always the case. To monitor your loved ones remotely, especially senior citizens, installing cameras can be helpful. This can give families peace of mind because they can check in on their family member when needed. Alternatively, and as an added benefit, you can connect the system to a central monitoring station such as a nurse’s station in a retirement village.

Health Monitor

The perfect high tech home alarm systems in NZ can even be hooked up to a caregiving monitor that will keep an eye digitally on its wearer. And deviations in pulse, breathing, heart rate or blood pressure will be recorded. The monitor is hooked up to a remote app that can be viewed by family members or on a monitoring station. An alarm will be triggered should any of the vital signs take a turn for the worse. You can assess the state of seniors by combining a set of security cameras, and get help dispatched even before anyone else reaches the house.

Other Alarms

It’s not just burglars and health issueas that one has to look out for, however. A well-secured house will have an array of sensors ranging from smoke detection to carbon monoxide, among other features. All of these may be beyond the ability of a senior or frail person to be able to fix. So as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Keeping your home secure is essential. Keeping a loved one safe is even more critical. So if you or a family member is looking at setting up a home alarm security system in NZ for a senior person who may live alone, consider the above points before you do. Better yet, get in touch with Integrated Security Services, and we’ll assist with all your security needs.