The Best Home Alarm System Solutions For Pet Owners

Home Alarm Systems NZ / Jul 21, 2020

While a barking dog may add to your property’s security by scaring off intruders, your pets may also be a hindrance by setting off your alarm system in the middle of the night. This might mean you don’t always use your alarm system, or you refuse to have one installed at all. This is a very common problem for pet owners and a very big window of opportunity for intruders. As home alarm system experts in NZ, we have some good news for you: you can have a pet and an alarm system at the same time, and here’s why.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

‘Pet-friendly’ motion sensors have recently become available and are already hugely popular options for people wanting home alarm systems in NZ. These smart sensors are able to detect if movement within the property has been caused by a small animal, or by a human, and will act accordingly

Strategic Beams

When beams are strategically positioned so that they intercept with an area where an intruder may cross, but your pets probably won’t, then you can get 24/7 use out of your security system. You can achieve this by creating a specific fenced off area that your pets won’t be able to access, but an intruder would need to pass in order to gain entry to your home. Humans are also taller than pets, so beams that are placed slightly above the height of your pets should still be enough to trigger an alarm when an undesirable human is present.

That being said, cats are also likely to jump and climb on things and may set off these beams if they reach certain heights. If you want the beams to be effective, ensure that your cats don’t have anything to climb on in your nominated surveillance areas.

Remote Access CCTV Cameras

While they may not be alarm systems in the traditional sense, modern CCTV cameras can have alerts added for certain movements and objects. CCTV cameras are a great way to protect your property, and remote access viewing will allow you to check up on your pets and see what is going on at home while you’re not there.

Whether you have pets or not, contact Integrated Security Systems today for all your home alarm systems in NZ. We offer affordable business and home security solutions and products, backed up by professional service and expert advice.