The House Is Covered, What About Your Shed?

Home Alarm System / May 18, 2021

 It’s heartening to see the increased use of home alarm systems in NZ. At the same time, we believe our security products should be used to protect more than the house. Sheds and garages are also prime targets for thieves, and this is usually because they don’t receive the same level of protection as homes. This partly explains why there’s been an increase in shed and garage burglaries in New Zealand in recent years. 

Thieves know a house might be guarded by security boosting technology – but the outbuildings are usually left unattended. At the same time, those crims also realise that sheds and garages usually contain a lot of very valuable and highly-priced equipment…and we’re not just talking about the car. Sporting and camping equipment, power tools and unique collectibles that are irreplaceable are also stored in sheds and garages and are highly sought after on the black market. Again, when a shed or garage isn’t protected by an alarm system, it can become an irresistible target.

So, how do thieves know that a garage or shed contains some very desirable items? On some occasions, it’s just guesswork. But many of them have seen these things with their own eyes. Take garages for example. Many of them are front-facing onto the street. Just as many of them open and shut when a car is reversed out of the garage, and when it comes back again. The more observant criminal will know this, and will “case the joint” by seeing what is inside while the doors are wide open. It’s common for them to park up on the street and observe these comings and goings for hours on end.  

In summary, many of the thefts from garages and sheds are random and carried out because there is a high probability that the buildings are not protected by alarms. But just as many are done after observation of what’s inside and by knowing when the property owners are not home. You see, while that potential thief is getting an eyeful of all the valuable items stored in the garage, they’re also noticing who is in the vehicle when it leaves. If Mum, Dad and the kids depart in an SUV, chances are there is no one at home. The home itself might be alarmed, but the shed? Probably not. It’s an easy target.     

Our advice is to make sure all of the buildings on your property are covered by security alarms. While you may lock your shed and garage, the professional criminal isn’t deterred by such things, especially traditional locks. Modern alarm systems are another story. They are proven to be effective deterrents. To make sure your entire property is protected with alarm systems in every building, contact us.