Think They Won’t Come Back? Think Again

Alarm Systems / Apr 20, 2021

It is a well-known fact that alarm systems in NZ are highly effective deterrents against property crime. The better the alarms, the more effective they are because high-tech security products are often too challenging for would-be offenders to deactivate. On the other hand, old fashioned and outdated security systems are fairly easy for them to figure out. For all this, many Kiwis are very complacent and stick with their old alarms even though they’re no match for a professional crim. These people are smarter than you might think!

Speaking of complacent, there is also a widespread belief that if you have been burgled once, that you won’t be targeted again. So, once they get over the initial shock and stress of being burgled, a lot of property owners find some sort of comfort in the myth that their home or business is no longer a target. They believe that the person who broke in will go off in search of other places to burgle.

All of this is wrong. Very wrong! The New Zealand Police say that households are often burgled within weeks of the original crime. In New Zealand, approximately 23% of households that are burgled in any given year will be burgled more than once. It’s a sobering statistic but we’re not surprised by it and here’s why:

  • Homes and businesses that have been burgled once are seen as a soft target because of limited or no effective security systems. As such, crims will happily try their luck again because of this misguided notion many property owners hold onto that they won’t be hit again – therefore they won’t beef up their security.
  • Professional criminals will be eager to return to the same property because people in neighbouring properties didn’t raise the alarm in the first place.
  • A return to the same property is a very attractive proposition thanks to the likelihood that the stolen items have been replaced with new and even better items.

The idea that you’ve been burgled once and will never be burgled again by the same people is one we should all let go of. If you have been hit, it is time to contact us and get your property secured using the latest technology you can. This will mean that the repeat offender won’t be in for the sort of easy job they’re expecting – and that’s how it should be.