Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Security Alarms

Commercial Alarms / Sep 22, 2022

The safety of your staff and security of your business cannot be overlooked. Ensuring your commercial property is well protected is paramount to running a company by protecting sensitive data, records and hardware on your premises. As a renowned security provider, we understand the importance of security and one of the essential services we offer is commercial security alarms. We offer a wide range of leading brands including Honeywell, Genesis, Tecom Challenger, Inner Range, Solution and Bosch. As each company is unique, so are our solutions as we determine the best security system to protect your business from theft and fire.


How To Get Started And Get Secure 

By requesting a free, no-obligation site survey of your property, our expert staff can plot the perfect network of security alarms to present to you. Although the installation costs of an alarm system may seem unrewarding, it is very much a necessary addition for a number of reasons.


Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Security Alarms


Prevent crime

First and foremost, the reason we elect to install an alarm system is to discourage criminals from invading a property and stealing. Many break-ins are prevented just by having the warning sign of security alarms. They act as a deterrent for criminal activity and can prevent crime before it occurs. 


Insurance Premiums

Despite the initial fee, security alarms can save you money in the long run by reducing your insurance premiums. 


Peace of mind

Some things are priceless, as is gaining the peace of mind you get from installing a security alarm at your business. Your alarm will notify you if an event has occurred at your property, so you can rest easy knowing that your property is secure unless you are notified otherwise. As your security alarm notifies you, it will also notify the relevant authorities so no time is wasted in acting on a break-in.


Record of Events

Providing detail around what time the alarm was set and what time a sensor was activated means a record of any events will be kept and can be used against the perpetrators.  


Prevent Employee Theft

It may not be an outsider committing the offence. It could be a staff member. A security alarm will give you a more detailed overview of what happened where and when to help you get to the bottom of any security breaches.

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