4 Home Security Mistakes You Should Steer Clear of

Security Mistakes / Oct 08, 2018

Burglaries are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, but unfortunately, they are very much a reality! Are there certain blunders you are making that are putting you at risk? Let’s find out!

  • Not Maintaining Your Security Systems

It’s all good and well to have a home security system installed, but you should be having it checked for faults at least once a year. A good security system can last a lifetime if you maintain it effectively. Security systems that may go unused for periods of time are the first ones that you’ll want to check.

  • Hiding a Spare Key Outside

No one wants to get caught locked outside of their home if you happen to lose your keys. But hiding a spare key under the doormat or the pot plant is an age-old mistake. Criminals often observe your routine and are sure to, sooner or later, pick up on the fact that you have a spare key that’s all too accessible. Why not leave a spare with your neighbours or a family member instead? And why not think about installing a home alarm system? This way, even if criminals do make it through the door, your security company will be alerted!

  • Using Fake CCTV Cameras

It has become a trend amongst homeowners to ‘install’ fake CCTV Security Camera System in an attempt to deter criminals. But criminals are not that easily deterred, and they will quickly see that you’ve got fake cameras. Why not just go with a legitimate CCTV installation? It will be cheaper in the long run.

  • Poorly Lit Outdoor Spaces

If your back or front yard is poorly lit with tons of hiding places for criminals, you have made yourself a target! Try implementing motion sensor lights as well as keeping your yard neat and clean. A solution to keeping an eye on your yard and driveway is home Security Camera Systems, which have proved to be exceptionally popular and useful in NZ.

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