How to Prepare Your Home for a Security System Installation

Security System / Oct 15, 2018

Finally decided to make the leap and get a security and alarm system installed in your home? Whether you’ve gone for CCTV cameras, beams or sensors, here are some tips you can make use of to prepare your home for a swift and speedy installation!

  • Determine the Ideal Places for Cameras, Sensors, and Keypads

While a security expert can advise on suitable places to install CCTV cameras, beams, sensors and keypads; ultimately, it is your home so you should know which areas are most at risk and where a keypad would be most convenient. So take a walk around the house with everyone that lives there and create a rough plan on where you’d like all the security equipment to go.

  • Tidy Up

For your security and Home Alarm System installation to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to clear all areas of clutter so that the people installing the systems can move around your house freely. Clear the pathways to areas in which you plan to install sensors.

  • Choose Your Passwords

Almost any Home Security System involves some sort of passwords as an additional security measure. Call the security company ahead of time to find out how long each password is required to be. Then take your time to come up with passwords that you’ll remember and would be hard for an outsider to guess.

  • Make A Note Of All The Questions You Need To Ask

Most security and Alarm Systems In NZ are very easy to understand, but you’ll want to ensure that you understand it fully and have the installer answer any questions you may have before they leave your home. Perhaps write down a list of questions you can ask them and write down the answers as they give them. You can later relay this information to the rest of the family.

Interested in implementing a security system in your home? Settling for second-best is not an option when your family’s safety is at stake. At Integrated Security Systems, we have over 25 years of experience at installing Home Security Systems across New Zealand. Feel free to call us to request a quote!

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