Is CCTV Essential for a Commercial Security System?

Uncategorized / Jul 03, 2018

When upgrading your commercial space with security features, you have the opportunity to design custom CCTV security systems to match the unique needs of your company. Not only do you need to consider the placement of the sensors and cameras, but it is also important to evaluate the benefits of different types of equipment.

Why Motion Sensors Might Not Be Enough

Outdated security systems often use motion sensors. If a door or window is opened, or something moves in an area that is protected by a motion sensor, then the system will be tripped.

The main drawback to a motion sensor system is the lack of information if something happens. For example, if an intruder comes into the office, then you will receive immediate notification when the alarm goes off. But, you don’t have specific details about the appearance or activities of the intruder.

In comparison, a CCTV system uses a set of video cameras to record the activities that are happening. This information can uncover the identity of the intruder and provide evidence to solve the case.

View of Your Premises from Any Location

CCTV gives you full access to view the premises, regardless of your location. You can be on the other side of the city and view the video streams due to the incredible systems that are available today.

You need 100% coverage of the system, especially if there is a high risk of theft or burglary. Even if you don’t have unwanted intruders trying to come inside, these cameras can reduce the risk of in-house theft by employees.

Deterring Crime and Reducing Liability

It’s hard to quantify the cost savings from deterring crime and preventing theft and property damage. Even though you will spend money on a CCTV system, it is a great investment for the future. Visible cameras ensure that employees and guests know that they are being watched.

Additionally, liability can be minimized if an incident happens on-site. If accusations are made regarding an employee’s performance or behaviour, then the video feed will show the truth to ensure accurate information.

Investing in the Right Security System

If you are going to invest in a security system for your office or commercial space, then upgrade to ensure that you receive equipment with cameras and video recording. These features are essential to optimise the security for your property. For assistance, contact our team today to learn about our services for commercial and residential properties in New Zealand.

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