Why Your Business Needs a Theft and Burglary Monitoring System

Uncategorized / May 21, 2018

If you haven’t invested in a burglary monitoring system, then you might be sharing an open invitation for burglars to enter your premises. Your company likely has a lot of valuable items that need to be protected: inventory, cash, sensitive customer information, computer equipment, and more. Installing a good security system is essential if you want to protect these items and ensure the safety of the building.

Should you spend money on a CCTV security system? Here are a few benefits that you can expect after we are done with the CCTV installation:

• Minimise Liability: Did you know that injury or harassment on your property could result in big problems for your company? It is possible that you could find yourself liable for the damages. Installing a CCTV security system will minimise your liability. If a customer or employee makes an accusation, then you have the security footage to review the situation as needed.

• Emergency Response Time: Even if you are away from the office, you can enlist the services of an emergency response team if required. These security systems offer notification services when the alarm is tripped. You can also view the footage from any location to see what is happening to your property. Automatic notification speeds up response time to minimise the cost of damages due to the break-in.

• Deter Thieves: When a burglar sees that you have a security system, then it increases the likelihood that the person will move on to another target. Thieves are searching for easy targets, so a camera system could deter the potential theft.

• Insurance Prices. Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for companies that use proactive security measures. Talk to your insurance provider about potential price breaks that are available after you install a CCTV system.

• Professional Appearance: Are you setting the right impression for your customers? Visible security cameras will give your customers and employees peace of mind to know that you are proactive with the safety of your business location.

If you want to protect your company, then you need to consider the above benefits of installing a security system. For more information, call Integrated Security Services. We offer a variety of installation options for commercial and residential buildings in New Zealand.