Why Security Camera Systems are Important for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Uncategorized / Apr 16, 2018

It is common to see security camera systems installed in commercial buildings. As the prevalence of these systems has grown, homeowners are starting to install these products as well. A residential security system is important because of the increasing rates of theft and crime. Talk to our experienced team to learn more about the benefits of security systems for homeowners and businesses throughout New Zealand.

These tools can keep your family safe, giving you the peace of mind to know that your home is protected. Technology advancements have improved the performance of security systems. Not only are they affordable for residential use, but there are a variety of options that you can choose.

Deterring Crime and Theft

When potential thieves see that you have a security system, it deters potential activity. Burglars are often looking for easy targets, so they will move to another home that doesn’t have a security system.

Why would a thief take the risk of being caught due to a camera that records the activities of the crime? Instead, it is likely that the person will walk away and go to another property that doesn’t have a security system. As a homeowner or business owner, you will be grateful for the safety that is provided by a closed circuit video system.

Technology Advances in the Security Industry

What type of security system is right for your home or office? You have the freedom to choose the system that will match your needs. We offer wired and wireless equipment, with cameras that record footage and are connected to the internet.

The WiFi access gives you the opportunity to check on your property even when you are far away. Wireless tools enable us to install the cameras almost anywhere so that you can have eyes on every part of your home.

Cameras are small so that you can minimize the appearance of bulky equipment that has been used in the past. All of the recordings are digital so that you can view and edit the videos on your computer.

Motion Sensors to Detect Movement

Video footage and recording is the basic feature of these camera systems. You can also choose equipment that detects movement. You will be notified when someone is moving in the video, triggering the sensors to start recording the footage. Even a small movement is enough to trigger the sensitive motion detectors.

Schedule a Consultation

What is the right setup for security camera systems? The best thing that you can do is schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about the equipment that is available. At Integrated Security Services we provide custom security systems in New Zealand. Call today if you have questions about our services.

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