Six Tips For Maintaining Home Alarm Systems In NZ

Alarm Systems / Aug 08, 2019

Home alarm systems have been providing NZ homeowners with peace of mind, and over the past few decades have ensured that these homeowners feel safe. There have been many technological advancements that have resulted in the advanced home safety systems we know and enjoy today. All the bells and whistles that accompany each new edition can be intimidating if you aren’t a tech expert yourself. For this reason, we’ve decided to share our favourite tips to help you understand your system better and keep it operating at its best.

Tip #1: Conduct Regular Inspections On Each Component

Damage such as cracks and breakages are easy to spot. Inspect your alarm system for such things and arrange to have them looked at by a professional before they develop into bigger problems.

Maintenance Tip #2: Keep The Whole System (And Your Home) Clean

A clean environment makes it easier to notice if anything is as it shouldn’t be. Make sure that you clear dust and debris from components of your home alarm system to avoid this.

Maintenance Tip #3: Buy Spare Batteries So That You Can Replace Old Ones

If you have a wireless system, it will require working batteries. Stock up on extras so that you can switch them out when the time comes. Depleted batteries can compromise your entire system, and you don’t want even the shortest lapse in coverage.

Maintenance Tip #4: Test Cameras To Ensure That Visuals Are Clear

CCTV cameras are those spare eyes that watch over your property where you can’t. Check on them frequently to ensure there are no obstacles in front of them, such as tree branches or leaves. Make sure you the lense is clear of dirt and smudges for clear visuals, and refocus the cameras when you notice the visuals aren’t as clear as they could be.

Maintenance Tip #5: Make Sure The Lights Are On When They Need To Be

As night falls, lighting becomes more vital. Inspect your lights and replace bulbs that have run out. This way, it’s easy to see what’s happening on your property at all times.

Maintenance Tip #6: Get A Professional To Check It Out For You

Some things, only an expert will know how to do. If any problem occurs without an obvious solution, don’t risk it. Simply call a security system expert near you for maintenance and repairs.

Sticking to the basics of upkeep ensures that the home alarm system on your NZ property works the way it’s supposed to and helps you understand how and why it works better. When you’re uncertain about what to do next, there’s always a professional you can call to fix it. Contact Integrated Security Services to learn more.