Never Buy Site Unseen

The title of this blog post does not contain a spelling error. We use the word “site” intentionally. We’ve been around for a long time, and we understand that site inspections are essential in determining the best security solutions for homes and businesses. So when we say you should never buy security systems “site unseen” we mean it!

Today’s global marketplace makes it possible for home and business owners to buy cheap and generic security systems that offer an ineffective one size fits all solution. As far as we’re concerned, this isn’t a solution at all. An off the shelf security system for a home or business doesn’t take into account all the factors that make one property different from another. Plus, it might not have the features that we consider to be essential. These factors and features lead to a whole lot of questions:

  • Will the system be able to protect and monitor the entire property?
  • Where are the best locations for the CCTV you’ve purchased?
  • Will the generic system allow for effective monitoring?
  • Will it work during a power outage?
  • How many people will be coming and going from the property?
  • What environmental factors have to be considered when setting up a system?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can it be upgraded?
  • Can it be installed easily and without compromising the effectiveness of the system?
  • Can an overseas system be serviced by local technicians?
  • Is there any after-sales support once the system?
  • Is the brand I’ve chosen a reputable one?
  • Who do I contact if the system is faulty?

When you buy off the shelf, all of these questions are valid ones. Unfortunately, the answers are not always easy to find. In our experience, generic systems that are purchased in this way are bought for one reason only: they’re cheap. But cutting costs on home or business security is not a smart thing to do, as cheap systems often leave large holes in a property’s overall layer of protection. It’s never a good idea to buy site unseen!

This is why we give you the chance to request a site inspection. An experienced and qualified team member from Integrated Security Services will provide you with a free, no obligation site survey to determine the best security solution for your specific needs. It could be your home or your business; whatever your requirements, a security solution that best reflects your individual requirements will always be better than an off the shelf guess.

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